How to Easily Fit Exercise into Your Crazy Schedule {7 Ways}

It’s a no-brainer that moms are busy!

From picking the kids up from after-care to carpooling the neighborhood gang to practice, helping with homework, cooking healthy meals for the family, spending time with the boo, building our careers, and doing household work, there seems to be no time for ourselves…let alone exercise.

Yet, finding time to exercise is perhaps one of the best things we can do for our health…and sanity.

fit exercise into busy schedule

In addition to weight-loss, the benefits of exercising include improving your sex life, boosting mind function and energy, and reducing the risk of dementia, muscle loss, and osteoporosis.

It also helps you become more productive so you’re getting more done in less time.

The key is getting it in! Here are 7 ways to do that even with a crazy schedule.

#1 Understand that You Have to Redefine How You Exercise

We can agree that our calendars are completely different today than it was pre-kids. Back then, I could go to the gym anytime I wanted for as long as I wanted. Not anymore.

Additionally, I may not be able to workout for a consistent hour or so simply because that timeslot might not be available.

With that said, as busy moms, we have to redefine how we exercise. That means you have to get it in where you can fit it in.

This could mean converting a 5-minute commercial break into doing 100 squats or jumping jacks before your show comes back on.

It could mean whipping out your mobile device and using apps like Sworkit to fit in a quick routine while the children are napping. It might occur during your lunchtime. Squeezing out 20 minutes of your lunch time to devote to a brisk walk around the office building may be the way you fit your exercise in.

And that’s totally okay!

#2 The Earlier…the Better

One reason I failed in keeping a committed schedule was because I fooled myself into thinking I could wait until later in the day to exercise.

Let me tell you, by the time 7 o’clock in the evening rolled around, I was not up to doing a full exercise routine. I was wore out and just wanted to rest or do other things I enjoyed.

However, doing them earlier in the day was incredibly beneficial because, #1, I got it out the way, #2 it provided me with extra energy and stamina needed for the day, and #3 I felt restored afterward.

You’ll feel good and accomplished knowing that you’ve gotten your workout in for the day, giving you added confidence to tackle other tasks on your to-do list.

#3 Do Block it Out

Now, I am an advocate of carving out a set time for exercise and putting it on your schedule. When you make it a part of your calendar, you’re more likely to fulfill it. Also by blocking it out, your family knows this is mommy’s workout time.

However, it doesn’t require spending hours at the gym. You can complete a strong exercise routine in 20-30 minutes to work towards your weight-loss and health goals.

I suggest having 2-days of the week that are your non-negotiable days to working out. Make sure they’re at least a day apart (like Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).

Be realistic. The key is to make it feasible so it best fits your schedule. If you can only do 20 minutes, that’s perfectly fine…the point is to get it in J

#4 Who Cares About Your Outfit!

If you’re recently just getting back into exercising, you may not have the clothes readily available. Don’t worry about that…put on your most comfortable clothes and like Nike, just do it.

You see, we can spend a lot of time procrastinating because we “don’t have gym clothes”, yet I vividly remember in P.E. class that just because you didn’t “dress out”, doesn’t mean you’re not working out.

Some of my classmates ended up doing the mile run in their school clothes or risked getting a ZERO for the day simply because they left their uniform at home or whatever the case.

We don’t allow our kids to make excuses…let’s not make them either. You don’t have to get cute for the gym. Put on something comfy, lace up your sneakers and break a sweat.

#5 Make Lunchtime Your Workout Time

I mentioned this earlier but wanted to devote a section for it because I feel that as working moms, this is an opportune time for you to fit exercise into your otherwise busy schedule.

There are no home distractions plus it will help you come back to the office refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the latter part of your workday.

Attempt to get others involved at work. Having a walking or workout buddy greatly increases your success of sticking to the program. Together you both can achieve your weight-loss and health goals while budding a new friendship in the process.

#6 Do Have a Plan

When it’s time to workout, it’s time to workout! Don’t twiddle your fingers trying to figure out what it is you’re going to do. Already have a plan in motion.

Know what you’re doing before working out so you can get right into beast mode.

Here are a couple of (my fave) suggestions:

  • Going to the gym? Plan ahead by discovering what fitness programs or aerobic classes available that you can take advantage of. I love these because you’re simply following the leader and you can ask the instructor for guidance on correct posture and form
  • Sworkit is a free fitness app with personalized workout videos where you choose the area you want to work on and it customizes a program for you. You set how long you want to workout and it creates a full routine that you can easily follow. Sworkit also keeps track of your progress. This is the perfect solution for busy moms!

#7 Include the Kids

Taking the kids to the park or playground? Don’t just sit down and watch…join in on the fun! You’re burning crazy calories by actively engaging in the some of the same things they do.

For example, the monkey bars are great for toning your arms. Running around in the sand builds endurance, agility, and gets your heart rate going.

Pushing your child on the swing works your biceps and triceps. Jumping up and down works your glutes (butt) and calf muscles. You can work some major muscle groups playing alongside the kids.

Plus it makes for great bonding experiences.

If you have an infant, use the stroller and go for walks. I see moms do this all the time in the mornings after putting the older kids on the school bus. Put that stroller to good use outside of the grocery store and shopping mall by taking a stroll through your neighborhood.

Have fun!

One More Thing…

Make it worth your time. Whether it’s for five minutes or 25, give it your all while exercising so you can feel totally satisfied with the time you’ve just invested.

Much success.

To your amazing health,


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